2022 Pongal Festival Date & 2022 Thai Pongal Calendar

Bhogi Festival

14 January 2022

Surya Pongal

15 January 2022

Mattu Pongal

16 January 2022

Kaanum Pongal

17 January 2022


Because a large section of India's population lives in rural and agricultural areas, this harvest festival is both relevant and popular. It normally starts around the 14th or 15th day of the month and lasts until the middle of January. The celebration commemorates the passage of time. This event commemorates the harvests and also marks the end of the monsoon season in the region for the year.

Pongal comes from the Tamil term Pongal, which literally means "to boil." Pongal's etymology suggests that it means "spillover" or "overflowing." Indians give thanks for the abundant crop during this time.

This is a popular month for weddings because the conclusion of the harvest is usually connected with an excess of food, which makes throwing a huge, traditional wedding much easier.

Bhogi Pongal 2022

Bhogi Pongal is the name of the first day of the festival, which is held in honor of Lord Indra, the Hindu god who is thought to have given the clouds their rain. A big bonfire is lit on this day to commemorate prosperity and the end of the winter season.

As young girls dance and sing traditional songs around the bonfire, many families throw household objects that are no longer functional into it.

This day is also used by families and villages to prepare for the festival's second day by preparing rice, sugarcane, and turmeric for use in the second day's ceremonies.

The second day of the festival is dedicated to Lord Surya, a different god. He is the Sun God of Hinduism. The day begins with puja, which is a type of worship. The rice must be boiled in milk in an earthen pot as part of the ritual. Lord Surya is then offered this rice as an offering.

When the rice vessel is brought to Lord Surya, the turmeric made the day before is tied around it. Sugar cane, coconut, and bananas are among the other traditional offerings. On this day, people dress traditionally and wear body marks to get into the spirit. The sketching of Lord Surya's picture on a wooden plank, known as the kolam, is also part of the day.

Mattu Pongal is the third day of the Pongal celebration, and it is devoted to the cows. The cattle are venerated by their owners and the local villagers and are adorned with beads, bells, corn, and flower garlands. They are fed and transported to the village, where they are feted in a raucous manner.

The cows are subsequently fed the Pongal that the gods have been given. Bull racing and other celebrations continue throughout the day.

Kannum Pongal 2022

Kannum Pongal is the fourth and final day of Pongal. Families wash a turmeric leaf and set it on the ground, covering it with delicious Pongal that has been leftover from previous days. Sugar cane and plantains are also among them. Many women prefer to do this procedure first thing in the morning before bathing. This is also the day when sisters pray for their brothers' happiness and well-being.

Thai Pongal Sankranti time

Moment of Sankranti: 14:12:26