Good Friday Greetings Status


1.     The Son of the Sky

Born in the soil

Take away our sins

Today is the day of death.

Good Friday greetings



2.     The crucifixion of Jesus Christ,

He is having on us

An expression of boundless love.

We are brothers like him

We will be with love.

Good Friday greetings


3.       Yours on Jesus Christ

Unshakable faith

All to you

Will receive resources.

Good Friday greetings


4.       This Good Friday Jesus Christ,

Hearing our pleas,

Forgive our sins,

He will turn suffering into pleasure.

We beg him.

Good Friday greetings


5.       Of love and mercy

The reincarnation is our Jesus.

If our search is for him

He will be our way and light.

Good Friday greetings