love quotes

1.The unfading sun at the end of the evening - you ..!

The halo of my heart - you ..!

Blue covering the blue sky - you ..!

Sculptural sculpture of red moon - you ..!

The drop light of my nights - you ..!

Poem filled with nothing paper - you ..!

My heart is my love My life - you are ..!


2. I think I just left ...

I think it's better than leaving ...

But my finger is still holding ...

Your beautiful memories


3. Despite the darkness falling in the shadows.

In the single hope of you

I throw my hand and move forward.

Are you coming with ...?


4. Every second the shore of the sea

Like the waves of the sea melting

Your memories are in my eyes

Dissolved in tears ...


5. The address I am looking for is your heart only.

But the address you give

Pains only.