Amma quotes


1. Impurity in this world

What is lacking!

It's breastfeeding,

Only motherly affection.!


2. Gave birth to you,

Showing this beautiful world

Do not forget the love of the mother.

If the motherland blossoms, your life will blossom.


3. Mother's love is like a lotus leaf.

Whether it rises or falls,

Keep the love afloat

Will continue.


4. Without eating and washing away

The lunch box that came with,

Open the next day and get bored,

Without facial wrinkles

Washable hands are classic.

Love is the mother herself ...!


5. The word “love” brings laughter.

All other than mother's love

Love is only the essence of need.

Without diminishing value and respect

Whoever lives does not lose love.


6. In a world of selfishness,

I love my life

A vowel ‘mother’.